Elixinol X-Pen 1000mg CBD

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Dispenses 15 mg of CBD per click and holds 1000mg of CBD
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Elixinol X-Pen is revolutionizing how CBD is being dispensed. This product is great if you are on the go because of its small size. When transporting it will not leak or spill because of the locking mechanism which keeps your CBD safe and secure. With each click of the X-Pen it will dispense 15 mg of full spectrum CBD and holds 1000mg of CBD. The X-Pen holds 66 servings for approximately 3-4 weeks supply, depending on how much CBD oil you wish to take.


  • Precise serving sizes: With each click, you receive 15mg of CBD Hemp Extract
  • Airless Delivery: Hermetic cartridge keeps the extract in a vaccum, protected from air and bacteria
  • Secure: A simple twist-lock mechanism prevents unwanted dispensing or spills
  • Hygenic: Removable, washable tip enables sanitary conditions for multiple users
  • Shielded: A proprietary violet polymer housing protects content from light to prolong freshness



How to use your Elixinol X-Pen:

  1. Remove Cap from X-Pen. This will expose the silicon tip.
  2. At opposite end (dark purple), simply unlock X-pen by twisting the twist-lock slightly. This enables the pen to depress further and dispense the oil.
  3. When done, twist the twist-lock once again to place the pen back into the locked position. Place clear tip back over silicon tip.



  • Store the X-Pen away from direct sunlight, heat, or humidity.
  • Refrigeration is not necessary. If refrigeration is preferred, please allow time for material to reach room temperature before dispensing.
  • In the rare instance that an issue arises with dispensing oil from the X-Pen, place in warm to hot water with cap on. This will increase the fluidity of the oil and the XPen should function normally.



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