Made by Hemp – CBD Hemp Extract Patch (40mg)

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Made by Hemp CBD Hemp Extract Patch (40mg).

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Made by Hemp transdermal CBD patch is made from all-natural CBD. Patches are wonderful for people that forget about taking supplements on a daily basis and patches are great for people that want a low maintenance way of taking CBD. The patches are low maintenance because they easily stick to your skin and you can forget about them for 12 hours. The transdermal CBD patch offers 40mg of CBD and lasts for up to 12 hours.


How to use CBD Patches

Choose an area of skin that is venous, like the inside of an ankle or wrist which is near where you want the CBD to work the most. We suggest finding a place with little to no hair growth as well as the hair could block the patch from contact with the skin, preventing the CBD from being absorbed. Also avoid placing the patch over open wounds, scabs, or irritated skin.


Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol or with warm water and soap and gently dry off the area after.


Acrylic Adhesive, Industrial Hemp Oil, A Proprietary Blend of Several Botanical Extracts that May Include: Griffonia Seed Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, Paullina Cupana Extract, Scutellaria Lateriflora Extract, Piper Nigrum Extract, and Piper Longum Extract, THC (.3% or less)

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