Proprietary Hemp Extract Gold Label CBD Oil (250mg)

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This is the Gold version made by Proprietary Hemp Extract (PHE). Made only with CBD hemp oil, there are no additives. The gold label oil has been decarboxylated (heated), which turns the CBDa to CBD. The gold label has also been filtered. There is no extra plant material in the oil post-filtration, making the Gold Label the most potent and pure oil available. This changes the color of the oil to a light orange and the consistency of the oil to a gel.

Three options sizes are available from 1 gram, 3 grams, or 10 grams; each size contains a phytocannabinoid concentration of 25-27% making it one of the most potent extracts on the market. This approximates to about 250-270mg CBD per gram. It’s packaged in an oral syringe for sublingual (under the tongue) use. The recommended serving size is the size of a grain of rice once or twice daily. Each serving size you will get 8-9mg of CBD.


  • 1 grams / 250mg – 270mg CBD / 30 servings


Ingredient: Decarboxylated and filtered hemp oil extract

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