Purfurred Hemp Oil for Cats 200mg

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Feline-friendly hemp oil. A delicate formulation suited for a cat’s diet. A 1oz bottle containing 200mg CBD.
Part Number: PF-200-CT-30
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Did you know that your cat can receive the same benefits as humans when taking CBD oil. Your cat is special to you, let them enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. The Purfurred CBD cat tincture CBD oil in a formula suited to your cat’s diet. This tincture contains 200mg CBD from full spectrum CBD oil.


About this bottle:

Full Spectrum

Critical CO2 Extraction

Mg per ML = 6.67

Mg per drop = 0.33

Retail price per Mg = $0.135

Ingredient: Phytocannabinoids (CBD) 200mg, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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