CBN Isolate

The hemp plant is one of the most diverse plants on the planet. In America, farmers were legally required to grow hemp in the 1700s. Hemp has been made into products such as paper, textiles, lamp fuels, building materials and ropes.
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CBN Frequently Asked Questions

Recently, we knew relatively little about the compounds in the hemp plant because of probation on marijuana. Since the probation on marijuana was lifted scientists have identified over 100 different cannabinoids and hundreds of other
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There is a new cannabinoid making waves called CBN or Cannabinol but is it the same as CBD (cannabidiol). Both cannabinoids are found in the hemp plant with CBD being more abundant than CBN.


CBN plays a large part in the hemp puzzle even though it isn’t present in high percentages. There are some key differences between CBN and CBD, including how they affect the body.

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