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Highland Pharms 15K+ Hemp Oil Drops 15,000mg CBD

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Highland Pharms 15,000mg CBD Oil is full spectrum cannabinoid extract (includes CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA, CBD, CBDA) with only trace amounts of THC. Highland Pharms hemp is grown by a Boutique Hemp Farm in Colorado which is Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp.


Highland Pharms is committed to bringing fresh, pure and clean CBD oil to the market. Their flavoring used in mint is all natural. The CBD is extracted from GMO-FREE Hemp which has been organically grown. The hemp has been extracted using SuperCritical CO2 Extraction. Each drop of this formula has approx 6.25mg of CBD and there are approx 2400 drops in a 4 oz bottle.


Available in two formula’s:

  • MCT Oil base with Mint Flavoring – Ingredients:  MCT Oil, Hemp Extract, All-Natural Mint Oil.
  • Olive Oil base with No Flavoring – Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Hemp Extract

About this bottle:

Full Spectrum

SuperCritical CO2 Extraction

Mg per ML = 125

Mg per drop = 6.25

Retail price per Mg = $0.053


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