Leaftonics 325mg RAW CBD Oil
Leaftonics 325mg RAW CBD Oil

Leaftonics 325mg RAW CBD Oil

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Leaftonics RAW tincture only contains all-natural ingredients. Our CBDA extract is a whole-plant extract containing full spectrum hemp. This bottle contains 325mg CBDA. Raw CBD oil has a higher concentration of plant material like phytonutrients. This means that there is a greater potential for plant nutrients such as terpenes, flavinoids, and phytosterols to be bioavailable. Our hemp is organically grown in Colorado which makes our signature CBD hemp extract.


More than just CBDA, since it’s made with the whole plant extract you will get all of the synergistic benefits. Not just CBDA, but all of the naturally-occurring elements of the hemp plant have beneficial compounds, including all of the phytocannabinoids, waxes, terpenes, essential fatty acids, and flavonoids.


We use limited, select ingredients to ensure you have the absolute best CBDA tincture possible. Our CBD oils includes Leaftonics premium organic hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil. That’s it. Our products are made in small batches to guarantee freshness.


Our Products are:

All Natural, Non-GMO, 100% Organic, USA Grown Hemp, No Herbicides, No Pesticides, No Chemical Fertilizers, Zero Additives, No Preservatives, No Emulsifiers, No Binders, No Artificial Flavors, Vegan, Third Party Lab-Tested


CBD is a promising phytocannabinoid that is capable of positively impacting nearly every organ system in the human body through our endocannabinoid system. CBD oil has a balancing effect on our bodies, and plays a role in restoring normal balance and physiologic homeostasis.


Full spectrum CBD, meaning all the cannabinoids and phytochemicals work together in a synergistic manner known as the entourage effect for maximum effectiveness.


Extraction type: CO2 extraction. This is a very environmentally friendly process. The extraction agent in the CO2 extraction process is carbon dioxide which is an example of green chemistry. This process is clean, safe and leaves no negative impact on the environment.


How to use Tinctures:

Shake up the bottle before use. Before removing the dropper top, squeeze the top to fill the dropper. Place the oil under your tongue and hold for 1-2 minutes and swallow. The longer you hold the oil under your tongue, the more you will absorb in the capillaries under the tongue. Take every 4-6 hours.



It is recommended that you store your CBD oil bottle in a cool, dark and dry place such as a pantry or cupboard. Exposure to excessive levels of heat, light, and moisture may cause evaporation and subsequent degradation of the oil, reducing its shelf life.



1oz bottle



Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Raw Hemp Extract.

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